Titanium White Nice Shot!

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This design made by mintyexe on RL Garage.

Here is the link for both side:

Blue Side Design: https://rocket-league.com/design/dbc622f78847a828706aa28bacbc956990d95c14c2e6f30ca15f924a8407d307 Orange Side Design: https://rocket-league.com/design/f6cc509d0fb73573643b7c498dada3ba8e80905d2ec8306cadeb92151f463575

This design goes hard just need nice shot and white octane. Overall best design for Titanium White Octane.

Sorry! for the bad quality of the photo, I can't make a good quality photo without make it least 500KB. If you want to see a good quality photo go to my Instagram Here the link to see the good quality photo of this car: https://www.instagram.com/p/CooWmobvlej/?hl=ms