Rainbow Car

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 04/26/2020
Last Updated: 09/27/2021
 Views: 211562
 Downloads: 176302
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Cycle primary and secondary car colors through the rainbow


This plugin is maintained by the BakkesMod team.

With this plugin, you can choose to have your primary, secondary, or both colors cycle through the rainbow. With each, you have the option to change the speed of the cycle, the initial offset in the cycle, the saturation and value, and whether the cycle plays in reverse. All settings can be found in F2 menu > Plugins > Rainbow Car

Rainbow Car GIF



  • Colors will now individually reset to normal when you disable them


  • Color now changes in the main menu and rocket pass turntable


  • Fixed a bug causing the car to jitter


  • Initial upload