Replay itemmod (Open source)

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Author: Martinii
First Uploaded: 04/27/2020
Last Updated: 05/27/2023
 Views: 69575
 Downloads: 49429
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Change the loadout and visibility of any player in a replay



ReplayManipulator is a bakkesmod plugin that manages and manipulates "everything" with a replay


  • Modify the loadout of any car in a replay
  • Apply custom decals to cars (using the AlphaConsole folder and format for this)
  • Add custom paint colors to items
  • Rename any player in a replay
  • Change player camera settings
  • Fixes issues with camera transitions when using slowmotion
  • View and open all your saved replays from the settings menu
  • Change maps (Thumbnail feature had to be dropped in the rewrite)
  • Change stadium colors
  • Hide the ball


If you want to support future development and maintenance of this plugin. You can sponsor me on github or donate to my PayPal.