Spectator Controls

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 05/08/2020
Last Updated: 08/06/2020
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Additional camera controls for spectators


Below is a list of all cvars and notifiers with descriptions for each:

NOTE 1: XboxTypeS binds work for PS4 controllers as well. Just use the relative positions on the controller (i.e. PS4 Triangle = Xbox Y)

NOTE 2: You can use the Bindings tab in the BakkesMod menu, or use a console command like this: bind KEY "CommandName var1 var2 var3"; writeconfig;

Full list of bindable keys here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/KeyBinds.html#Mappable%20keys


These binds set the camera state, position, and FOV in one command. Note that rotation is not set in the FlyBall command because it will cause a very short (2-3 frame) glitch as the game tries to override your rotation command so that it can look at the ball again. Do not include parentheses () in the commands. They are there in these examples as placeholders to indicate a numerical value.

bind KEY "SpectateSetCameraFlyBall; SpectateSetCameraPosition (X Y Z); SpectateSetCameraFOV (FOV)"

bind KEY "SpectateSetCameraFlyNoTarget; SpectateSetCamera (X Y Z Pitch Yaw Roll FOV)"


Lock Position

Spectate_LockPosition - [Bool] Locks camera in current location, or new location specified by "SpectateSetCamera" or "SpectateSetCameraPosition" commands

Spectate_EnableRestoration - [Bool] Saves camera state before a goal replay and restores it after goal replay (not needed if camera lock is enabled)

Get and Set camera commands

SpectateSetCameraFlyBall - [Command] Sets the camera state to "Fly" with the ball as the camera target

SpectateSetCameraFlyNoTarget - [Command] Sets the camera state to "Fly" with no camera target

SpectateGetCamera - [Command] Print all camera values to console (position, rotation, FOV)

SpectateSetCamera - [Command] Apply values to camera. Usage: SpectateSetCamera loc X) (loc Y) (loc Z) (rot X (in degrees)) (rot y) (rot z) (FOV)

SpectateGetCameraPosition - [Command] Print camera position to console

SpectateSetCameraPosition - [Command] Apply position to camera. Usage: SpectateSetCameraPosition (loc X) (loc Y) (loc Z)

SpectateGetCameraRotation - [Command] Print camera rotation to console

SpectateSetCameraRotation - [Command] Apply rotation to camera. Usage: SpectateSetCameraRotation (rot X (in degrees)) (rot y) (rot z)

SpectateGetCameraFOV - [Command] Print camera field of view to console

SpectateSetCameraFOV - [Command] Apply field of view to camera. Usage: SpectateSetCameraFOV (FOV)

SpectateIncreaseZoomSpeed - [Command] Increases zoom speed amount by the value specified in Spectate_OverrideZoom_Speed_Increment_Amount

SpectateDecreaseZoomSpeed - [Command] Decreases zoom speed amount by the value specified in Spectate_OverrideZoom_Speed_Increment_Amount

Override Zoom

Spectate_OverrideZoom - [Bool] Enables zoom override controls

Spectate_OverrideZoom_Transition_Time - [Float] Duration of time for input averaging

Spectate_OverrideZoom_Speed - [Float] How quickly the camera changes FOV

Spectate_OverrideZoom_Speed_Increment_Amount - [Float] Increment amount value used in Spectate[In|De]creaseZoomSpeed commands

Spectate_OverrideZoom_Max - [Float] Maximum FOV in degrees

Spectate_OverrideZoom_Min - [Float] Minimum FOV in degrees

Spectate_Keybind_ZoomIn - [String] Override keybind for zooming in. Default right trigger (triggers allow analog input for zoom override)

Spectate_Keybind_ZoomOut - [String] Override keybind for zooming out. Default left trigger (triggers allow analog input for zoom override)

Spectate_Keybind_ZoomSpeed_Increase - [String] Keybind for increasing zoom speed. Default right analog stick click

Spectate_Keybind_ZoomSpeed_Decrease - [String] Keybind for decreasing zoom speed. Default left analog stick click