Boost Whiff Training

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 05/18/2020
Last Updated: 05/18/2020
 Views: 24775
 Downloads: 13073
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Show boost hitboxes in freeplay and replays


This plugin is maintained by the BakkesMod team.

This plugin (which only works in freeplay and replays) displays the hitboxes for all the boost pads. It also shows a small dot on your car indicating the exact location that the hitbox is checking. This is shown in the first gif.

The second gif shows the customization options: you can display the whole hitbox instead of just a ring, and you can change the color and opacity of the hitbox/ring.

Click on either gif to go to its HD gfycat link

Click to go to HD gfycat link Click to go to HD gfycat link