Predictdator (ball prediction)

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Author: Jan_
First Uploaded: 06/10/2020
Last Updated: 12/06/2020
 Views: 58552
 Downloads: 45175

Get the ball path predicted in training. BallPredictionPluginV2


Modshowcase by Tipp: Youtube

English/Deutsch unten

-Click “Install with BakkesMod”

-Plugin ONLY works in freeplay and in trainingspacks.
-On/Off: Enable/disable the prediction.
-Length: The length of the prediction.
-Ball Hitmarker: Enable/disable the hitting points of the ball (red boxes).
-Performance mode: Might help with fps on worse computers.
-Line color: Does what it says.

Deutsch/English above

-Auf “Install with BakkesMod” klicken

-Plugin funktioniert NUR im Freeplay und in Trainingspacks.
-On/Off: An/Ausschalten der Ballvorhersage.
-Length: Die Länge der Vorhersage.
-Ball Hitmarker: Die Auftreffpunkte des Balls (rote Kästchen) an/ausschalten.
-Performance Mode: Könnte bessere fps auf nicht so guten pc's bringen.
-Line color: Farbe der Linie ändern.

Help | Support-Discord: Discord

-The plugin doesn't show ingame? -> F6 -> 'plugin load predictdator'
-The plugin is there but doesn't work? -> F2 -> plugin page -> Click with at least one second pause between the buttons: Unload->Load->RefreshPlugins->LoadSettings

Bei Problemen:
-Das Plugin wird nicht angezeigt? -> F6 -> 'plugin load predictdator'
-Das Plugin ist da aber es funktioniert nicht? -> F2 -> Plugin Menü -> Klicke mit mindestens einer Sekunde Pause dazwischen die buttons: Unload->Load->RefreshPlugins->LoadSettings


-Changed line drawing to get better fps
-Change line color option
-Performance mode option
-Check if ball goes into the net -> Red line
-Huge line drawing fix thanks to @CinderBlock


Credits for the ball prediction code go to Chip.
Credits for parts of the plugin code go to Bakkes.
V2 updated by Jan & Kim. (Permission was granted by Chip and Bakkes)