Rotation Trainer

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 06/15/2020
Last Updated: 01/02/2021
 Views: 33815
 Downloads: 18306
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Build a series of checkpoints to train rotations


This plugin is maintained by the BakkesMod team.

RotationTrainer is a tool to build sequences of checkpoints for the player to drive through. It doesn't only need to be for rotation training though: you can set up sequences for workshop maps like Yoshi's Island to time your laps.

All RotationTrainer files are stored in /bakkesmod/data/RotationTrainer/. In that folder should be a list of the default checkpoint codes you can use, and a picture showing where the checkpoints are on the field. If you look in the /Sequences/ folder at _Example.cfg you can see the checkpoints in action. That file also has a thorough description of the different checkpoint types. If you want to make your own sequences, read that file for instructions.