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Author: TeaBoneJones
First Uploaded: 06/18/2020
Last Updated: 06/19/2020
 Views: 12292
 Downloads: 2647
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This plugin shows the MVPR (MVP Rating) of everyone in the lobby when you look at the scoreboard, during or after the match.


MVPR is calculated as: Goals + (Assists * 0.75) + (Saves * 0.6) + (Shots / 3)

This is useful for those in 4Mans, or MLE, as this is a stat that is featured heavily in those communities.

Version 1.1 update:


You can now change the opacity of the background, as well as its width, height, and position on screen!

Plugin can now easily be enabled/disabled

Option to have MVPR always showing, or keep it as toggle-able through the scoreboard button as usual.


MVPR will now show at the end of the match automatically, so you don't have to press the scoreboard button to make it show!

I hope you enjoy it!!!