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Author: ToolB0x
First Uploaded: 06/05/2019
Last Updated: 08/02/2020
 Views: 212274
 Downloads: 166612
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Waste no time between games! Auto-queue, Instant Freeplay, or exit to Main Menu, right after a match ends! Configurable!


Main Features

  • Instant Queue allows you to automatically queue up for a match after a game ends (That's right, even before the item drop and EXP gain windows pop up!).
  • Instant Training allows you to load up Freeplay as soon as a match is done (No more navigating menus!), and works great in tandem with Instant Queue.
  • Instant Exit instantly exits to the main menu after a match is done. (Perfect when you want to get out of the game quickly but don't know what to do next!)

All Features

  • Instant Queue - This option allows you to start searching for the same playlist you last searched for immediately after finishing a game.
  • Instant Training - Instant Training allows you to go right into free play after a match has ended. No more traversing around menus and confirming things to get to training.
  • Instant Exit - Don't want to train, but still want out of the match in a speedy-like manner? This option kicks you to the main menu as soon as your game is done.
  • Delay - If you do not want to do something instantly, you can set a custom delay (in seconds) to wait beforehand!
  • Map Selection - You can choose from most all the available maps in Rocket League to instantly train on from a drop-down menu!
  • Random Maps - You can select "Random Map" to get a random map when you load into free play
  • AutoGG Support - If you use the built-in AutoGG feature, no need to worry, you will get your GG in before joining free play.
  • Casual Switch - Disable plugins for Casual Game modes!
  • Private and Tourney Switch - Disable plugin for Tournaments and Private Matches!

Planned Features

  • Custom Training Pack Support
  • Workshop Map Support


  • Special thanks to Aleksbgbg, HalfwayDead, CinderBlock, and Tyni for contributing and making this possible!

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