Instant Suite

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Author: ToolB0x
First Uploaded: 06/05/2019
Last Updated: 11/13/2019
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 Downloads: 1889

Instant Training, Instant Queue, and Instant Exit, but all in one neat little package.


Instant Suite

Instant Suite is a plugin that allows you to save time between matches and time in general when playing Rocket League. It was created to help players maximize the amount of training they could fit in-between matches.


  • Instant Training - The core of this suite, Instant Training allows you to go right into free play after a match has ended. No more traversing around menus and confirming things to get to training.
  • Instant Queue (FINALLY!) - This option allows you to start searching for the same playlist you last searched for immediately after finishing a game.
  • Instant Exit - Don't want to train, but still want out of the match in a speedy-like manner? This option kicks you to the main menu as soon as your game is done.
  • Delay - If you do not want to join free play instantly, you can set a custom delay (in seconds) to wait before joining!
  • Map Selection - You can choose from (mostly) all the available maps in Rocket League to instantly train on from a drop-down menu! Neat!
  • Random Maps - You can select "Random Map" to get a random map when you load into free play
  • AutoGG Support - If you use the built-in AutoGG feature, no need to worry, you will get your GG in before joining free play.
  • Custom Training Pack Support - Coming Soon™


  • Special thanks to Aleksbgbg, HalfwayDead, and CinderBlock for contributing and making this possible!