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Author: ItsBranK
First Uploaded: 09/18/2020
Last Updated: 10/25/2022
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 Downloads: 13590
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Full control over playlist selection, searching, canceling, and even regions, all through commands.



This plugin gives you full control over matchmaking all through commands. This means you can bind these commands to certain hotkeys to select/deselect playlists, start/stop matchmaking, start searching in a specific playlist, and even change regions! All of these commands will work anywhere whether it be in freeplay or right after a match has ended.


There's a grand total of 72 commands included in this plugin, yes, that's a lot; so many in fact I couldn't put them here due to BakkesPlugins.com having a 4000 character limit. To view all of the commands please check out the README on the GitHub repository for this project:



Let's say you wanted to bind a combination of the commands from this plugin to a singular button on your keyboard. In this example I'll show you how to search for both standard and doubles in casual automatically.

First you would create your own example.cfg file in bakkesmod\cfg and name it whatever you'd like. In that config file you would put the following commands:

(Please note that all Search Commands from the github link do all the following below automatically, just making all possible combinations into commands wouldn't be feasible, so this is how you would do a completely custom version of selecting and queuing)

queue_view_casual // It's important to set the view tab first or searching will not work properly, you don't need to do this for "queue_search_cstandard" related commands as it does this automatically
queue_deselect_casual // Optional, this would deselect any playlists you had selected previously that you might have forgotten

This sets the view tab to casual, deselects all casual playlists, selects both standard and doubles, then starts searching for those playlists.

Now to bind that file to a button you would do this in the BakkesMod console.

bind NumPadOne "exec example.cfg";writeconfig

Ta-da! You now have you own custom queue config that's bound to the one button on your numpad.

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