Color Changer

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 10/02/2020
Last Updated: 06/09/2023
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 Downloads: 88422
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Customize the colors of the arena


This plugin is broken and will remain broken indefinitely due to the work required to fix it.

Example of plugin in use:

Color Changer can change the colors of the field and the cars in every game mode, including ranked and casual. However, there are some stipulations in certain modes:

  • Main Menu: Car colors will not change here.
  • Ranked/Casual: Colors will be set when you load into the match and cannot be changed until the match is done. Car colors will not change here.
  • Private Match: If you are spectating, everything is fair game. If you are playing, the rules for Ranked/Casual apply.


The Config section is designed with broadcasters and tournament organizers in mind. If you are running a league or event with multiple teams, you can create a config file to store their colors. Depending on your settings, Color Changer will automatically pull the colors from that file if the private lobby's team names match names in the config. If you don't want the colors to be pulled automatically, you can use the dropdown menus to manually select teams from the list. You also have the option of applying Home, Away, and Alternate colors for each team.



  • Find the example config in /bakkesmod/data/ColorChanger/ and use its format to create your own configs.
  • All configs must be in that same folder. You can choose which config you use in a dropdown menu in the UI.
  • If you add a new config while the game is open, click "Update file list" to add that file to the dropdown menu.


  • Does not change field colors if you have "force default team colors" or "color blind mode" options enabled in the game's Interface settings.
  • Bot colors work differently from player colors, so bots may not look correct.
  • Cars from Epic players will reset color after a goal has been scored. Seems to be the same issue as bots.
  • Unchecking "Use on cars" while in custom training or an exhibition match may not work.
  • Colors don't get changed in the limbo-lobby between casual matches.
  • Pure black (0,0,0 / #000000) doesn't work. At a minimum, try (1,1,1 / #010101).
  • Make sure the "terminology" textboxes do not match each other. The names in them must be unique.


  • v1.0.3 Added separate options for enabling car colors and field colors