Session MMR and streak tracker

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Author: NLhero
First Uploaded: 10/10/2020
Last Updated: 02/04/2021
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 Downloads: 31411
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View your current session stats (MMR/wins/losses/streak) in each playlist


What does this plugin give you?

This plugin gives you a neat little window with your MMR in the playlist you're currently playing as well as your wins, losses, win-/lose-streak, gained MMR from the previous game, and the total of gained MMR in your current streak!

The session stats window will be visible after the start of your first game after you started Rocket League.

What is there to personalize/configure?

The session stats window's position is configurable, so you don't have to worry about a fixed placement of the session stats window! You can move it freely where you want at the plugin settings!

All colors (background, title, label, and other) are configurable too! Check the plugin settings in the BakkesMod Plugins tab!

Want to output your MMR?

That's possible! You can enable the output option in the plugin settings to automatically output all MMR data of your lobby to a file after each match! The MMR is saved per playlist (tournaments not included) and saves it to "%appdata%/bakkesmod/bakkesmod/data/SessionPlugin/".


Report and see them here!

What to do now?

Play Rocket League of course! And perhaps add this plugin to your BakkesMod plugins library while you're at it ;) Enjoy the stats and good luck getting into Super Sonic Legend!