Better Inventory Export

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Author: Bakkes
First Uploaded: 10/17/2020
Last Updated: 01/05/2021
 Views: 18430
 Downloads: 11010
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Dump inventory to CSV/JSON


Better inventory export

Inventory export plugin that does more than the current invent_dump command of BakkesMod does.

Either use the F2 -> Plugins -> better inventory export buttons or call invent_dump_better csv|json to dump the current inventory to ./bakkesmod/data/inventory.{format}.

Additional data exported compared to the standard invent_dump command:

  • Special edition type
  • Blueprint item id: If the item is a blueprint, the ID of the item the blueprint item unlocks
  • Blueprint item: Name of the item the blueprint unlocks
  • Blueprint cost: Amount of credits needed to unlock the blueprint


  • InstanceID is not available (always 0)