Air Race Training Plugin

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Author: Blaku
First Uploaded: 11/10/2020
Last Updated: 12/20/2020
 Views: 22013
 Downloads: 12674
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A plugin that allows the player to teleport to each of the check points in Panics Air Race map.


Air Race Training

The Air Race Training Plugin is intended to be used with Panic's Air Race map. The map can be found in the steam workshop here. The plugin allows you to teleport to any of the checkpoints on the map. Check out the Air Race Discord while you're at it too!

How It Works

This plugin works by repeatedly teleporting your car to each trigger on the map until you reach the desired checkpoint. Be warned that this teleporting is very rapid and jarring the first time that you use the plugin.

How To Use Plugin

Make sure that the plugin is enabled and that you are in an air race map. Select the checkpoint that you want to teleport to either by the plugins tab, or by use of commands. Press your reset button and you will be teleported to your desired checkpoint.

How To Enable

  • Click the checkbox on the bakkesmod settings page for the Air Race Training Plugin


  • airracetraining_enabled This is a true/false flag that determines if the plugin should perform teleports.
  • airracetraining_toggle_enabled This will switch the enabled status from true to false and vice versa only if you are in the map.
  • airracetraining_movecheckup This will move the selected checkpoint to the previous one.
  • airracetraining_movecheckdown This will move the selected checkpoint to the next one.
  • airracetraining_panicsairrace_selectedcheck This stores the value of your selected checkpoint.
  • airracetraining_chatbox_messages This is a true/false flag that determines if messages should be sent to the chatbox.

An important note is that you can interact with all of the stored values in the settings page.

Recommended Usage

  • Bind the command airracetraining_toggle_enabled to a button or key. I use the up dpad.
  • Bind the command airracetraining_movecheckup to a button or key. I use the left dpad.
  • Bind the command airracetraining_movecheckdown to a button or key. I use the right dpad.

This set up allows you to easily turn the plugin on and off as well as change the checkpoint with the dpad.