Ghost Plugin

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Author: thanrek
First Uploaded: 01/13/2021
Last Updated: 01/27/2021
 Views: 9213
 Downloads: 2503

A plugin to record and challenge Ghosts on racing workshop maps


Ghost Plugin is a plugin that lets you record and race against ghosts of other players.

Features :

  • Record a ghost
  • Choose the number of laps you want your run to be
  • Export your ghost
  • Import other ghosts from a .ghost file
  • Replay an imported ghost
  • Challenge an imported ghost (play the ghost while racing against it)
  • Sort ghosts by number of laps
  • Change the color of the ghost
  • Auto-record when doing multiple tries
  • Auto-export when your time is under a defined threshold

A video of the features

For now, the only compatible map is Ice Ice Outpost