Volleyball Plugin

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Author: MrPhil
First Uploaded: 01/17/2021
Last Updated: 01/22/2022
 Views: 17522
 Downloads: 8742

A plugin made specifically for the volleyball maps


After multiple volleyball matches, I wanted settings that weren't available with mutators. My goal was to have more interesting, fun and competitive matches. This plugin contains everything you need to play volleyball the way it should be played in Rocket League (in my opinion).

How to access the interface

Open bakkesmod with F2 (default), then go in the "Plugins" tab, then in the "Volleyball Plugin" tab (to the left).


Show state info in chat

Shows info about the enabled settings at the start of a match. This is only visible to the host at the moment

Score to win

Self explanatory. Play a match with a score limit instead of a time limit

Enable overtime

To win, it requires a two points difference when at match point

Reset players position on overtime goal

Self explanatory. Requires the Respawn time mutator set to Disable goal reset

Ball gravity

Normal ball gravity is 1. A smaller number means a ball that floats more. I recommend 0.650 for optimal gameplay or a bit smaller if it's too hard to hit the ball in time.


Only the host requires this plugin

This plugin will only work with volleyball maps that support it. Supported maps so far:

Patch notes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash