Freeplay Checkpoint

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Author: NitrOP
First Uploaded: 01/28/2021
Last Updated: 09/28/2022
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 Downloads: 60963
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Rewind, Save, and Restore Checkpoints in Freeplay (and Replays and Custom Training)!


Version 1.7 Release Notes


  1. Open bakkesmod window (F2 by default)
  2. Click "Plugins"
  3. Find "Freeplay Checkpoint" in the plugin list on the left.
  4. Optional: choose new button bindings.
  5. Click "Apply Bindings"

Alternatively, or for KBM users: assign the cpt_ commands (listed in the Command Reference section below) as desired in the "Bindings" tab.

Basic Usage:

Note: assumes default bindings from above.

  1. Start freeplay mode. Set up a shot.
  2. Enter rewind mode by pressing the right thumb stick.
  3. Steer left/right to rewind/advance time.
  4. When you find a point in time to save, press the Back (or Select or Share) button.
  5. Resume driving.
  6. Press Back again to return to that checkpoint.
  7. Press Back (twice) on a currently frozen checkpoint to delete it.
  8. Press left/right on the dpad to navigate between multiple saved checkpoints.

Full usage information: