Freeplay Checkpoint

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Author: NitrOP
First Uploaded: 01/28/2021
Last Updated: 09/28/2022
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Rewind, Save, and Restore Checkpoints in Freeplay (and Replays and Custom Training)!


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  1. Open bakkesmod window (F2 by default)
  2. Click "Plugins"
  3. Find "Freeplay Checkpoint" in the plugin list on the left.
  4. Optional: choose new button bindings.
  5. Click "Apply Bindings"

Alternatively, or for KBM users: assign the cpt_ commands (listed in the Command Reference section of the README, linked below) as desired in the "Bindings" tab.

Basic Usage:

Note: assumes default bindings from above.

  1. Start freeplay mode. Set up a shot.
  2. Enter rewind mode by pressing the right thumb stick.
  3. Steer left/right to rewind/advance time.
  4. When you find a point in time to save, press the Back (or Select or Share) button.
  5. Resume driving.
  6. Press Back again to return to that checkpoint.
  7. Press Back (twice) on a currently frozen checkpoint to delete it.
  8. Press left/right on the dpad to navigate between multiple saved checkpoints.

Full usage information: