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Author: Eren
First Uploaded: 02/08/2021
Last Updated: 09/07/2021
 Views: 8155
 Downloads: 5012
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A plugin that shows the time spent in queue until joining a match


This plugin tracks your queue times, so you finally have proof for those hOuR-lOnG queues!
Currently the plugin only works for the party leader. It will show you a notification with the time spent in queue after joining the match.

For the plugin to work you have to tick Enable notifications under Misc in the BakkesMod settings (F2 by default).

Planned features:

  1. Add queue-time history per playlist
  2. Eventually add average queue-times per playlist and rank

Known Issues:

  • Another player cancelling will re-set the timer.
  • Only the party leader can see the queue time (fixed)

Please report any issues and feedback on the plugin homepage (Github) or on Discord (Kemeren#5968)!