Bye Bye Ball

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Author: CinderBlock
First Uploaded: 02/18/2021
Last Updated: 02/18/2021
 Views: 8632
 Downloads: 4569
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Rocket League but with no ball. Drive into the opponent's net to score!


This plugin is maintained by the BakkesMod team.

A new game mode with no ball. The objective of this game mode is to drive your car into the opponent's net to score a point. When you drive into the net, the ball will teleport to you and explode at the location you entered the goal.

Best played with a group of people using the "demo on contact" mutator so defenders can more easily block opponents from entering the goal.

NOTE: Because the ball has to teleport to the player, it might sometimes register the final touch weirdly and not credit the person who entered the net.