Custom Map Loader

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Author: Bläzar
First Uploaded: 02/21/2021
Last Updated: 04/01/2021
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 Downloads: 77085

Load custom maps from a local folder



Load custom maps from a local folder. Maps can be selected and launched from an in-game UI.

  • Note: This plugin only supports loading map for single player training purposes and does not work for multiplayer games.

How to add a map

  • Download the map files from steam workshop or any other source.
  • Create a folder inside your local maps directory and name it to the map name. This is the name that shows up in the in-game UI
  • Extract the udk/upk map file and any preview image files into this newly created map folder

Configuring custom map folder

  • In the Bakkesmod settings window, a new entry will be added for "Custom Map Loader".
  • Open the Custom map loader window using the button in that bakkesmod in game settings section (F2 key)
  • Paste local custom maps folder path into the input field and click "Refresh Maps". You can now see a grid of available maps in the next window tab.
  • Select the map you want to launch and click "Launch Map".


  • You can add key binds from the bakkesmod in game settings (F2) for ease of use. These are the two console commands available
    • togglemenu custom_map_loader - open / close the custom map loader UI
    • cml_load_custom_map - load the selected custom map (if a map is selected)
  • Example binds you can copy paste into your bakkesmod cfg/binds.cfg file. Binds F1 for opening the custom map UI and F4 for launching selected map.
    • bind F1 "togglemenu custom_map_loader; "
    • bind F4 "cml_load_custom_map; "