Rocket Host

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Author: JetFox
First Uploaded: 04/13/2021
Last Updated: 05/11/2024
 Views: 250747
 Downloads: 953006

Starts an external RL server for you + friends


This Plugin was designed to eliminate the need for someone to host when playing on the same network. No more need for Hamachi when playing workshop maps!

Once you select your map and all your mutators, simple click "Request Server". Then a bot automatically hosts the game and provides you with a joinable IP Address under "Join a local game". Share this IP with your friends for them to join the match!

Rocket Host uses the maps stored in your "Mods" folder, so make sure to transfer any workshop maps you want to play into there. Also, here is a quick and easy map downloader application.

All players still need to have the same maps and the texture packs downloaded.

There are only a limited number of servers available as it costs money to keep them running. Currently running US-East. However, if you would like to support this Plugin and have more regions to choose from, feel free to support me on my Patreon!

If you're looking for more people to play with, check out Community Workshop Games. This discord was created to find like-minded players with an interest in workshop maps.

12/06/2022 Test season of ranked workshop.

12/09/2022 A full backend rewrite occurred, standby while most stuff from our previous releases come back.

12/12/2022 Adds a lobby browser thanks to Martinn Adds an experimental workshop downloader thats for testers only.

12/16/2022 Prepping workshop map downloader for public release.

12/22/2022 Workshop map downloader has been released to public for testing.

12/27/2022 Fixed GameModes on Host On Rocket League

1/5/2023 Re-Added Tournament Tab

1/5/2023 Fixed Mods Folder Creation

1/8/2023 Add singleplayer button

1/9/2023 Reverted a change related to buffer.

1/25/2023 SDK Update

3/7/2023 SDK Update

3/22/2023 Rewrite of the downloader to utilize our maps website.

We no longer support steam downloads map uploaders should be uploading to

Fix of a downloader crash bug.

3/24/2023 Optimized map fetcher to use 7 threads.

Changed tournament from start to save settings to prevent crashes.

3/26/2023 Small Tournament tab change

4/28/2023 SDK Update

8/3/2023 RL Update

03/11/2024 Backend-fixes

03/20/2024 Ranked workshop is back

03/25/2024 Backend fixes

05/07/2024 Alpha Test new features.

05/10/2024 General Fixes for Alpha Test

05/10/2024 forgot a comma...