Workshop Map Loader & Downloader

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Author: Vync_
First Uploaded: 04/26/2021
Last Updated: 04/07/2024
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 Downloads: 2341947

A plugin to load & download Workshop Maps For Epic Games


This plugin allows you :

  • To load Workshop Maps from a folder.

    Map Loader Tab

  • To search a map on the steam workshop directly on the plugin interface.

    Search Workshop Tab

  • To download a map from an url, or, from the searching results into your maps folder

Additional Informations

  • This plugin can be used by Epic Games users.

  • Languages : English or French.

  • Add a bind to open the plugin window :

    • F2->bindings, add a bind with this command line : "togglemenu WorkshopMapLoaderMenu"
    • F2->plugins->WorkshopMapPlugin, here you just need to put a Key in the text field, and press "Set Bind".


You have to :

  • Create a folder wherever you want on your computer that will contain the maps
  • Open the plugin
  • Copy/paste the folder's path into the text field (in the "Map Loader" tab)
  • Go in "Search Workshop" tab and search a workshop
    • Put some keywords (ex : Dribbling Challenge, Rings etc...) and press "Search". The results will be displayed below.
  • Download a map
    • From The Searching Results :
      • Do a research
      • Click on "Download Map"
    • Manually :
      • Download a map with or any other website where you can download workshop maps. Create a new folder in your maps folder, then extract the files of the map into this new folder
  • Click on "Refresh Maps"
  • Choose the map you want to play

I've made a tutorial if you are struggling to make it work :

Bugs/Issues Known

  • Mutators are not working for clients in a multiplayer server

  • If the path you put contains "//" just after the disk name (ex : C://RL maps/), you wont be able to load a map

    • Only put one "/"
  • If your game crashes when you click on download

    • This is probably because the place where you have created the maps folder need administrator permission
  • If there is accents, arabic or special characters in the path, it tells you "The directory you entered doesn't exist"

    • You have to find a path that doesn't contain these characters .
  • If your game crashes when clicking on "Refresh Maps"

    • Maybe because your maps folder contains other things, you need to dedicate the maps folder only for the workshops maps and nothing else