Workshop Map Loader & Downloader

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Author: Vync_
First Uploaded: 04/26/2021
Last Updated: 10/02/2022
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 Downloads: 725824

A plugin to load & download Workshop Maps For Epic Games


This plugin allows you :

  • To load Workshop Maps from a folder.

    Map Loader Tab

  • To search a map on the steam workshop directly on the plugin interface.

    Search Workshop Tab

  • To download a map from an url, or, from the searching results into your maps folder

Additional Informations

  • This plugin can be used by Epic Games users.

  • Languages : English or French.

  • Add a bind to open the plugin window :

    • F2->bindings, add a bind with this command line : "togglemenu WorkshopMapLoaderMenu"
    • F2->plugins->WorkshopMapPlugin, here you just need to put a Key in the text field, and press "Set Bind".


You have to :

  • Create a folder wherever you want on your computer that will contain the maps
  • Open the plugin
  • Copy/paste the folder's path into the text field (in the "Map Loader" tab)
  • Go in "Search Workshop" tab and search a workshop
    • Put some keywords (ex : Dribbling Challenge, Rings etc...) and press "Search". The results will be displayed below.
  • Download a map
    • From The Searching Results :
      • Do a research
      • Click on "Download Map"
    • With Url :
      • Put a Steam workshop url in the text field
      • Click on "Download".
    • Manually :
      • Download a map with, create a new folder in your maps folder, then extract the files of the map into this new folder
  • Click on "Refresh Maps"
  • Choose the map you want to play

I've made a tutorial if you are struggling to make it work :

Bugs/Issues Known

- [09/06/2022] The game crashes when searching workshop maps, it will be fixed soon.

- [09/06/2022] The game crashes when loading maps : You can fix that by renaming the map file by whatever you want (don't change the extension)

  • If you use Windows 7 you wont be able to load the plugin, add me on discord (just below) I can give you an old version working for Windows 7

  • Mutators are not working for clients in a multiplayer server

  • If the path you put contains "//" just after the disk name (ex : C://RL maps/), you wont be able to load a map

    • Only put one "/"
  • If your game crashes when you click on download

    • This is probably because the place where you have created the maps folder need administrator permission
  • If there is accents, arabic or special characters in the path, it tells you "The directory you entered doesn't exist"

    • You have to find a path that doesn't contain these characters .
  • If your game crashes when clicking on "Refresh Maps"

    • Maybe because your maps folder contains other things, you need to dedicate the maps folder only for the workshops maps and nothing else


Contact me on discord for custom plugin commissions or let me know if you have some issues. Please read Bugs/Issues known and watch the video linked in the Tutotrial part first before adding me or I wont help you. Vync#3866