Trade Logger

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Author: ItsBranK
First Uploaded: 06/24/2021
Last Updated: 12/30/2022
 Views: 13923
 Downloads: 9757
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Automatically log useful information from player to player trades!


This plugin automatically logs all useful information regarding trades in JSON format. This plugin could be used to keep detailed logs about trades for middlemen, or normal users if you have been scammed and want to report/recover your items. Attach any logs generated to your support ticket and it will help the Psyonix support team in speeding up the process of locating your items.

All logs will be stored in your BakkesMod folder: AppData\Roaming\bakkesmod\bakkesmod\data\TradeLogger

Information that is logged are the following for both local and remote players:

  • Internal player ids.
  • Product names.
  • Product instance ids.
  • Currency ids.
  • Currency amount.
  • Trade guid.
  • Trade start/end time in epoch format.

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