Rumble Tweaks

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Author: rivques
First Uploaded: 07/09/2021
Last Updated: 07/11/2021
 Views: 8316
 Downloads: 2995

A few tweaks to balance Rumble and reduce powerup cycling


How To Use

You will need Rocket Plugin and Hamachi. This is very similar to any other modded match. All players must be on PC.


Start a Rocket Plugin match. Make sure Rumble Tweaks is enabled.


Join the Rocket Plugin match with the host’s Hamachi IP address. If you are lagging when using tweaked powerups, try installing and enabling Rumble Tweaks on your end.


  • Disruptor has been completely revamped, now gives your team full boost and other team no boost when used
  • Disruptor is used up instantly
  • Power Hitter now lasts for 6 seconds
  • Power Hitter now gives you unlimited boost and 2x boost strength while active
  • While you have Power Hitter, your supersonic speed is raised (i.e. you can go faster)
  • Swapping now takes 0.25 seconds instead of 1 second



The tweaks aren't active!


Make sure you have enabled Rumble Tweaks the in the BakkesMod plugins menu by pressing F2, clicking on Plugins, selecting Rumble Tweaks in the sidebar, and checking the "Enabled" box.