Fast Or Slow Goal Filter

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Author: JerryTheBee
First Uploaded: 07/11/2021
Last Updated: 07/12/2021
 Views: 10599
 Downloads: 5143
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Force players to take faster or slower shots


Force either team to score shots with a minimum or maximum speed. Shoot too slow or too fast and it bounces out!

The host can either manually set the required speeds with the sliders, or the plugin can handle it automatically.
You can just set a minimum, just a maximum, or create a scoring zone between speeds.
You can have the plugin automatically increase the minimum or decrease the maximum shot speed as each shot scores. This can be done for individual teams separately or the whole lobby at once.

The current world record for shot speed without mutators at the time of this writing is 211. Numbers near or above 200 may be impossible to score.
If the maximum speed is below or equal to the minimum, it will be impossible to score
If the minimum speed is above the maximum, it will also be impossible to score

Plugin commissioned by Rocket Sledge
Used in SSL vs Plat but SSL can't score below 100kph goals
And used in SSL vs Plat but the SSL can only score SLOW goals