Demo Counter

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Author: kevuwk
First Uploaded: 07/14/2021
Last Updated: 10/17/2021
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 Downloads: 4010

plugin to keep track of demos


This plugin keeps track of per game, per session and total demos.

If you quit a match early demos will not be written to the profile stats so will be removed from the counter as well.

If you wish to use this with OBS there are 3 files in bakkesmod\data\DemoCounter 1 for each stat

v1.1 Added a message if you bring up the menu ingame to warn that you will lose demos if you quit early. This can be switched on or off to your preference. Also made it so that the demo removal message can be switched on or off. These messages are also affected by the overlay option.

v1.2 Updated the plugin so that it now reads the built in career stats and will automatically update the total demos. Also added a button so that you see how your demos are split between private, ranked and unranked games