Invisible Opponents

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Author: JerryTheBee
First Uploaded: 07/24/2021
Last Updated: 08/02/2021
 Views: 5676
 Downloads: 2538
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Your opponents are invisible. Name says it all


Make people invisible! Challenge a GC to beat an invisible plat to test their gamesense. Or challenge a plat to beat an invisible GC if you want to see a really high score.

Designed for LAN / Rocket Plugin use.

  1. Every player in the match needs the plugin loaded and enabled.
  2. The players that join the match can choose to enable "Make opponent invisible".
  3. Any players that spectate can toggle "Make blue invisible" or "Make orange invisible" to see the perspective of either team

Uses the amazing netcode plugin library by CinderBlock

Plugin commissioned by Frowzy and Striped