Hot Potato

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Author: AnxySlender
First Uploaded: 07/30/2021
Last Updated: 08/02/2021
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 Downloads: 753

aims to help you practice bounce dribbling


Hot Potato

Bakkesmod plugin to help practice bounce dribbling. This plugin only works in freeplay!

What is Hot Potato

Hot potato is a practice drill inspired by SpookLuke, where the goal is to let the ball bounce but not let it bounce more then twice.

This plugin adds a overlay that shows how often the ball has bounced since the last time, your current streak and the high score of the current session.

While the purpose of a practice drill isn't to reach a high score, it can be nice to see how well you are doing and be able to have a metrics to compare to over a period of time.

Using the plugin

To use the plugin head over to the plugins section, then head over to the Hot Potato section.

Then press the Toggle Hot Potato overlay button, which will show a small overlay showing how often the ball has bounced, your current streak and highscore of the active session.

You can also add a custom keybind to open this menu togglemenu HotPotato

Support & Bugs

Something not working for you? Or have you discovered a bug? Or do you have a suggestion that would make this plugin even better? Reach out to me on Discord: AnxySlender#1337



  • Add setting for max bounces allowed
  • Add button reset the session highscore