Custom Rumble

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Author: JerryTheBee
First Uploaded: 08/02/2021
Last Updated: 01/23/2023
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 Downloads: 13196

Choose what items each team can get


Set each team's possible items! You can set one team to have all plungers and the other all spikes! Or make one team have no powerups as they get booted by the other. Only the match host needs the plugin. Compatible with Rocket Plugin's custom rumble alterations as well. You could give a team super strong tornados!

Only works in LAN matches.

WARNING Must be used with the default rumble mutator. If you choose spring loaded and select the Freezer for a team, you could have the game freeze instead

Also sometimes just doesn't work. Not sure why but try rebooting game :/

Made with help from ItsBrank. TY Brank

Plugin commissioned by Lethamyr