RL Garage Inventory Sync, Ranks Refresher & Scam Checker

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Author: RLGarage
First Uploaded: 08/04/2021
Last Updated: 12/30/2022
 Views: 127594
 Downloads: 111503
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Sync your Rocket League Inventory with RL Garage, update your Stats & Ranks on RL Garage after every match, check if a trader is a potential scammer before trading and sync your ingame trades with RL Garage to automatically provide proof after getting scammed


With RL Garage for BakkesMod you can sync your all your tradable items in your Rocket League Inventory with RL Garage. That allows you to automatically view your ingame inventory on rocket-league.com or on the RL Garage Mobile App so you can easily add them to your RL Garage trades.

Every time you get a new item after a game, a trade or a build-up the plugin syncs your inventory with the RL Garage servers! That allows you to keep track of your inventory even if you are on the go and can't check your ingame inventory.

After every match this plugin will update your stats & ranks on your RL Garage stats profile!

In addition to syncing your inventory, this plugin also warns you if a player you're about to trade with is a potential scammer convicted by the RL Garage moderation team by checking our internal scammer list (containing more than 240,000 known scammers). It also syncs your ingame trades to RL Garage so the moderation team can verify trades when somebody scammed you.

How to use

  1. Enable Notifications in BakkesMod: Press F2, click the "Misc" tab and activate Notifications by clicking "Enable Notifications".
  2. Install this plugin while Rocket League is running
  3. Login into your account on rocket-league.com on the same computer as where Rocket League is running
  4. Make sure your Steam or Epic account is linked in your RL Garage account settings
  5. Visit rocket-league.com/sync and click Setup BakkesMod Sync (Make sure Rocket League is still running)
  6. Open the game
  7. You're done, your inventory should now be visible on RL Garage and you'll be warned if you're about to trade with a potential scammer.


  • If you're getting "Plugin out of date" or "User code not set" errors please run plugin reload rlgarage in the console (F6).
  • If you're still struggling to get the plugin to work, enable Notifications in BakkesMod: Press F2, click the "Misc" tab and activate Notifications by clicking "Enable Notifications". Then try to sync again and create a ticket on RL Garage with the error you're seeing in the notification.