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Author: Vync_
First Uploaded: 08/07/2021
Last Updated: 01/23/2022
 Views: 5957
 Downloads: 1843
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A tool for plugin developers to draw and visualize canvas on screen



This plugin is made to make life easier when you try to draw canvas items on screen for your plugin.

Command to open the menu togglemenu CanvasToolMenu


  • Draw any type of canvas on the screen :
    • String
      • "Load a cvar" : when checked, put a cvar in the text field and the value of the cvar will be displayed
    • Line
    • Box
    • Fill Box
    • Rect
    • Fill Triangle
    • Texture
      • Note : To apply a texture you need to put the path of the image first (same for Tile and Rotated Tile).
    • Tile
    • Rotated Tile
  • Edit/get the values of a canvas
    • Tip : you can Ctrl+LeftClick on sliders to type the value you want.
  • Remove a canvas
  • Copy a canvas
  • Change the layer of a canvas


v1.0.1 :

  • added "load a cvar" for String item : when checked, you can load the value of the cvar you put in the text field

v1.1 :

  • Added a file explorer to select an image for Texture, Tile and Rotated Tile
  • All the canvas types (exept for line) can be moved with the mouse
    • Possible issues for Texture, Tile and Rotated Tile


Just @ me on the discord server if you have suggestions.