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Author: BenTheDan
First Uploaded: 08/24/2021
Last Updated: 09/07/2021
 Views: 428868
 Downloads: 378662
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View player ranks in-game next to the scoreboard.


Previously I thought the plugin became inaccurate due to some feedback and my unwillingness to investigate them. Thank you to Imsvale for pointing out my mistake and confirming that the plugin still accurately displays ranks

View best or any current rank of players in the match next to their names on the scoreboard.


Enable Plugin - Enable or disable the plugin
Show Division - Show the division next to Tier
Show Playlist - Show the playlist when playlist is set to "Best"
Playlist - The playlist to display the ranks of
Include Extra Modes - Include extra mode ranks in the playlist cycle and in the "Best" playlist
Include Tournaments - Include tournament rank in the playlist cycle and in the "Best" playlist
Calculate Unranked Ranks - Calculate the ranks of unranked playlists based on mmr, indicated by a little unranked icon in the corner of the Tier (currently only works for ranked Solo, Doubles and Standard playlists)
Auto Playlist - Automatically switch to the current playlist when joining a match

Cycle playlist with "F8", you can change this in the console with
unbind F8
bind `key` ingamerank_cycleplaylist

"Show player MMR on scoreboard" and "Show MMR in casual playlists" must be turned on for the plugin to work!
Unfortunately IngameRank doesn't work in private and offline matches.