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Author: BenTheDan
First Uploaded: 08/24/2021
Last Updated: 09/07/2021
 Views: 9732
 Downloads: 7111
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View player ranks in-game next to the scoreboard.


View best or any current rank of players in the match next to their names on the scoreboard.


Enable Plugin - Enable or disable the plugin
Show Division - Show the division next to Tier
Show Playlist - Show the playlist when playlist is set to "Best"
Playlist - The playlist to display the ranks of
Include Extra Modes - Include extra mode ranks in the playlist cycle and in the "Best" playlist
Include Tournaments - Include tournament rank in the playlist cycle and in the "Best" playlist
Calculate Unranked Ranks - Calculate the ranks of unranked playlists based on mmr, indicated by a little unranked icon in the corner of the Tier (currently only works for ranked Solo, Doubles and Standard playlists)
Auto Playlist - Automatically switch to the current playlist when joining a match

Cycle playlist with "F8", you can change this in the console with
unbind F8
bind `key` ingamerank_cycleplaylist

"Show player MMR on scoreboard" and "Show MMR in casual playlists" must be turned on for the plugin to work!
Unfortunately IngameRank doesn't work in private and offline matches.