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Author: MrMythical
First Uploaded: 09/20/2021
Last Updated: 09/25/2021
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 Downloads: 58503

See if you have a flip or not!


Have you ever been freestyling in training, and tried to flip reset? Most of us have done it, and most of us can do it. It's annoying when it looks like you definitely got a flip reset, but the game doesn't think so. This can show you if you have a flip or not. It's not only useful for flip resets. For example, in air dribbling you sometimes need to flip, but you need to rely on your brain's timing. After using this, you might find the timing much better.



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Text Size

A slider from 0.25 - 20 which sets text size

X Axis

Move the text around on the horizontal axis (0 is left side and 100 is right side)

Y Axis

Move the text around on the vertical axis (0 is top and 100 is bottom)


Control how transparent/opaque the text is


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