Speedflip Trainer

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Author: tyni
First Uploaded: 09/25/2021
Last Updated: 10/13/2021
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 Downloads: 141159
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Helps while using Musty - Speedflip Kickoff test to train speedflip


Use Musty's kickoff test on the first shot where you are lined up on the sideline.


Attempt speedflip and look at angle, flip cancel, and jump meters to see if you are within the normal levels to perform a flip.

Plugin will tell you the angle you flipped at, how fast you canceled your flip as well as timing of your jumps. Couple of additional pit falls like starting before your car touches the ground and starting without boost are now also called out.

Green means good, yellow means maybe, red means likely not. But take these all as guides. You certainly can get red in one area and still hit the ball if you do everything else perfect.

togglemenu SpeedFlipTrainer will now give you a way to replay attempts. You can save attempts to a file and load them later or share them with others. Here is a couple pre-recorded flips you can import and watch. https://github.com/tynidev/SpeedFlipTrainer/tree/main/RecordedFlips

Once a replay attempt is loaded OR the bot is enabled you will need to press the boost button one time to trigger the replay.

Video of plugin in action: https://youtu.be/o2e9WPLjcEc