Replay Ball Cam Indicator

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Author: Yuhara
First Uploaded: 11/05/2021
Last Updated: 12/14/2021
 Views: 6767
 Downloads: 2498

Shows ball cam indicator on replays.


This plugin will show ball cam indicator on replays. Supports custom indicator image. For people who want player view to be more like an in-game experience.

You might need to restart the game after installing the plugin for the first time.

How to Set Up Custom Indicator

  1. Go to the BakkesMod folder by opening the injector, then file -> open BakkesMod folder
  2. Go to data/ReplayBallCam folder
  3. Replace the "ballcam_indicator.png" file for static indicator, or replace "ballcam_indicator_blinkbg.png" and "ballcam_indicator_blinkfg.png" files for blinking indicator
  4. You might need to restart the game after changing the indicator

How to Toggle, Move, or Scale the Indicator

  1. Open the in-game BakkesMod overlay using F2, go to plugins and select ReplayBallCam
  2. Change the settings

Currently doesn't support ball cam toggle sound effect.

For alternate versions (higher resolution, with KBM toggle) of the indicator, go here.


  • Animation support added (fade on toggle and blinks)