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Author: RocketStats
First Uploaded: 07/29/2019
Last Updated: 02/08/2024
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 Downloads: 1363466

RocketStats is a Plugin working with bakkesmod, allowing to display some information in game and/or OBS



RocketStats is a Plugin working with BakkesMod, allowing you to display session information (MMR, win, loss, streak, eg.) in game and/or in OBS.Version 4 introduces themes and the ability to create them from A to Z, only using a JSON file.


First, you'll need to install Bakkesmod and make sure it's running.

Install & Explanations

Use the Wiki available in the menu at the top of the page. You will have all the information easily accessible to understand the plugin.


Additional themes

If you want more themes while waiting for the future website:

For more details on how to install these themes, visit the Wiki.

Community & Thanks :)

You can come and ask your questions or discuss with the community in our discord.

Thanks to all the people who helped us during the development.

Thanks for ideas and support:
Thanks for tests:

Development Team & Contributors

The plugin is now Open Source, you can find the source code here.If you like the plugin, do not hesitate to put a star on this GitHub page of the project.

This plugin is provided for free, but if you like our work, you can support us at the following address: