Freestyle Training

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Author: AlpacaFlightSim
First Uploaded: 07/31/2019
Last Updated: 03/23/2020
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 Downloads: 134098
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Improve aerial car control with auto air-roll + randomization


Improve aerial car control with auto air-roll.

Supports constant rate or randomization.

To use:

  • Enter Freeplay or custom workshop map
  • F2 -> Plugins -> Freestyle Training
  • Check boxes to enable
  • Use slider to set a constant air roll
  • Or, enable randomization by selecting Left, Right, Left and Right
  • Use slider to adjust how frequently randomization happens
  • Similar settings for Gravity

Updated 2020-03-23:
Added gravity randomization + x64 support

Recommended maps:
Standard Map: Pillars
Workshop: Speed Jump: Rings 2 - By dmc (Featured in thumbnail)
Workshop: Speed Jump: Trials 1 - By dmc