Teleport Stuff

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Author: Naoki95957
First Uploaded: 04/04/2022
Last Updated: 05/03/2022
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 Downloads: 659

A plugin that makes modifying positions easier


The whole point of this was to have a GUI over the console calls to 'player' or 'ball'. If you go to the plugin settings tab, I have the same thing rendering there as the window would. The plugin itself is called tpmanager.

You can click+drag the individual fields but it's finicky. You can lower the polling time or I'd just recommend to double clicking or shift click and type a value in.

There are a couple teleport features if you're just exploring a giant map and wanna congregate some players:

  • The first combo box designates what will be teleported
  • The second combo box says where things will be teleported
  • The "to" button means it'll place all objects at the destination's coordinates
  • The "above" button means it'll place objects in a vertical column to avoid collisions at the coordinates.

If you prefer the window you can bind togglemenu tpmanager