RL Training Timer

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Author: timmeey86
First Uploaded: 04/11/2022
Last Updated: 12/06/2022
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 Downloads: 1938
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Display your training schedule ingame while in free play, custom training or wherever


This plugin allows defining training programs (sets of different training units with configurable names and durations) and displaying those schedules ingame. Improve your skills by having a daily training schedule with no additional hazzle!

December Update:

New features (Thanks to https://www.daanvanhasselt.com/ for implementing these)

  • Added a "skip" button to help you recover more quickly after a crash (or just skip a step)
  • Changed the default display (You can change back to the old one by selecting the "blue bar" style)
  • Added the possibility to hide the display during training
  • Training programs can be exported and imported in order to share them between players, or coaches and trainees


  • Fixed an issue where adding several training programs could corrupt data (by assigning the same ID to two of them)
  • Fixed an issue where loading a freeplay step would not work after a workshop map

  • Manage several training programs
  • Configure the training steps for each training program
  • Add, delete, reorder, rename, change duration at will
  • Control your training with Play, Pause, Resume, Stop
  • Automatic pause when game menu is opened
  • Switch between different game modes at will (automatic pause&resume)
  • View your current training program, training step and remaining duration in the bottom of the screen
  • Get notified when transitioning from one training step to the next
  • Auto-Load into free play, custom training or workshop maps if desired! (If you don't want that, just leave entries at "Default")

Known issues:

  • Crashes when deleting the active training program
  • Switching modes takes a couple of seconds off the training time
  • When starting the program while being paused, the initial pause is not detected properly