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Author: Delicious_Cake
First Uploaded: 04/19/2022
Last Updated: 04/26/2022
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 Downloads: 1778

Have multiple sentences on screen to help you focus on what you need to improve


A plugin I made to help myself keep focused on stuff I need to work on so I figured I'd make it public for everyone else to use.

Imagine you had a coaching session, at the end of it they typically give you 3-4 pointers of what you need to work on and improve at, for example:

  1. Keep an eye on teammate positions.
  2. Slow down and take possession or pass.

I found that having it visible on screen helps me keep it fresh in my mind so that I'm constantly evaluating what to do so that I improve my playing over time.

If you have questions, ask me on Discord - Delicious Cake#3005