Kickoff Practice

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Author: MrMoine
First Uploaded: 04/24/2022
Last Updated: 05/11/2022
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Kickoff Practice is a plugin that helps you train your kickoffs by spawning a bot in freeplay to face you on kickoffs.


Kickoff Practice

Kickoff Practice is a plugin that helps you train your kickoffs by spawning a bot in freeplay to face you on kickoffs. The bot is playing pre-recorded input so it can do any kickoff you or your friends recorded !

Last update

Due to recently discovered bugs I made a big change in the way the plugin works : it used to record inputs and play it back but it now records the state of a car at every tick and set it accordingly. This method is more reliable but it does mean that already recorded .kinputs files will not work on this version, you will need to record new .kstates files. Sorry if you already recorded a perfect speedflip kickoff :(. I hope this fixes all the bug previously mentionned, if you find a bug you can contact me on discord (@MrMoine on the bakkesmod server) and I'll try to solve it when I find the time.

How to setup the plugin

First of all you have to go to the plugin tab in BakkesMod F2 menu. Once there here is what you should see. Plugin usage example

The first step to use the plugin is to enter the path of the folder (section 1 in the image) where you'll store the input files of the kickoffs you want your bot to execute. The plugin comes with 5 pre recorded files (average diamond kickoffs I guess ) but you can record your own using the record buttons you see above section 1 (you need to be in freeplay first). Once you selected the folder containing your input files (with the extension .kstates and hit Validate, the files should appear in section 2. In this section you can assign to each file a specific kickoff, you can assign the same kickoff to multiple files. Most of the other options are pretty self-explainatory and you can have more detail by hovering your mouse above a button.

How to use the plugin

Now that everything is setup to actually use the plugin you have to use the command kickoff_train or kickoff_train kickoff_number where kickoff_number is an optional number going from 1 to 5 representing the kickoff you want to practice.

Number Kickoff
1 Right Corner
2 Left Corner
3 Back Right
4 Back Left
5 Far Back Center

PRO TIP : You can bind the command to a key on your controller (the reset shot key for example) to make it 1000 times more convenient. If you don't know how to bind a command here is a tutorial: You can also share your recorded inputs files with your friends or on Rocket League discords.

Known issues

  • Sometimes boost pads get picked up by the player before the kickoff starts.

Future updates (maybe, idk)

In theory it should be possible to record inputs from replay files, with that feature you would be able to face anyone's kickoff wether it's the guy that destroyed you in your last 1v1 game or GarrettG's kickoff in the last game of RLCS 8 ;).


I want to thanks Vync, nnitram ,JerryTheBee ,Atomus and everyone in the BakkesMod discord server that helped me when I was struggling with my code.