RLLab Replay Player

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Author: Yumu
First Uploaded: 08/20/2022
Last Updated: 05/14/2023
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 Downloads: 4344
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Helps you analyse RLCS pro players by auto-playing specific scenes (ex. Musty flick) directly from rllab.app, the web application for Rocket League data analysis.


Open RLLab.

RLLab helps you analyse RLCS pro players.

You can discover strategy like this, for example.


RLLab Replay Player

RLLab Replay Player is a plugin working with RLLab.
You can autoplay specific scenes (ex. Musty flick) in RLCS.

What is RLLab

RLLab is the web application for Rocket League data analysis.
We are challenging to proceed Rocket League data analysis to the next level in RLLab.

How to use this plugin

  1. Launch Rocket League and activate this plugin.
  2. Access RLLab. You can search specific scenes (ex. Musty flick) with some conditions.
  3. Click play button in RLLab, and the only scenes are played in the game.