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Author: Stove
First Uploaded: 08/27/2022
Last Updated: 09/05/2022
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 Downloads: 1134

Forces Striker/Goalie Mode For Custom Training Packs


This plugin allows you to force a Goalie or Striker custom training pack to be a specific mode (Goalie or Striker). Normally, Goalie training packs stop attempts after the ball is cleared. For training purposes, players may want to continue clearing the ball and transition from defense to offense to practice their control. This pack allows you to play Goalie training packs in Striker mode. When enabled, the plugin's settings are applied every time a training pack is loaded.

How to use

Plugin Settings Interface

The plugin settings can be managed through the Plugins tab. This menu can be accessed using the default F2 menu. Navigate to Plugins > Force Training to access the settings page for the plugin.

Console Variables / CVars

The plugin introduces two console variables you can control through the default F6 console. The variables are ft_enabled and force_training_type. These plugins control whether the plugin is enabled and which training mode is enforced, respectfully.

  • ft_enabled - This variable can take a value of either 0 or 1. Example: ft_enabled 1 to enable the plugin.
  • force_training_type - This variable can take a value of either 1 (Striker) or 2 (Goalie). Example: force_training_type 1 to force Striker training for custom training packs.


After installation, you may need to run plugin load forcetraining in the default F6 console.


For issues/bugs contact @WatchProsPlay

It is recommended to disable the plugin when not in use to prevent conflicts with other custom training pack plugins. Please report any issues through the details below.