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Author: Blaku
First Uploaded: 10/01/2022
Last Updated: 10/03/2022
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 Downloads: 56953

Create custom shots/speedruns inside rocket league


TAS Creation Contest

Submit your best or weirdest TAS creations to The FIRST EVER Rocket League TAS Competition: https://forms.gle/ZUHgmCtvURRVDnf36 First place wins $200! For more info about TAS and this contest check out Rocket Sledge's recent video here: https://youtu.be/N9LwGO48AV0

Video Tutorial


How to use

  1. Load up freeplay or a custom map that you would like to make a TAS for.
  2. Click the New TAS button(Controls tab) and give your TAS a name. This will get your current car position and ball position and use them as the starting position for the TAS.
  3. Set the replay & record speed(Controls tab) to whatever you like, you can always change these later.
  4. Select which inputs you want to take you out of replaying and begin recording(Settings tab).
  5. Click Start(Controls tab) to start replaying your TAS, this will jump to recording on a new TAS.
  6. To stop replaying/recording click stop(Controls tab).
  7. If you like what you just did after stopping, click update(Controls tab) to save it.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you're happy with what you've made.
  9. Click Save TAS(Loaded TAS tab) to save your TAS to file.
  10. You can find all of your saved TAS' under the Files tab.


There are a few binds included if you would rather use them instead of the GUI

  • tas_start - Starts replaying
  • tas_stop - Stops replaying/recording
  • tas_update - Update the new recorded inputs if you're stopped
  • tas_stopandupdate - Stops replaying/recording and updates the new recorded inputs
  • tas_changespeed - Toggle between your replay and record speed without taking you out of replaying/recording. Good for when you get close to where you want to jump in slowing down the game to more accurately get to the spot you want to continue from.

Important Notes

  • Make sure to enable notifications under the misc tab of the F2 menu. The plugin uses this to communicate to you what is happening and any errors that may occur.
  • A TAS has an expected hitbox type and air/steer sensitivities. You can view what is expected under the Loaded TAS tab. If your current hitbox/sensitivities don't match what is expected, the TAS won't replay.
  • Don't change your sensitivities in the middle of a TAS.
  • Due to some inconsistencies across different maps, make sure to use the TAS on the map you created it on. It may work on other maps, but there is no guarantee.
  • There are a few confirmation popups included for safety, you can turn these off in the Popup Settings dropdown under the Settings tab.

Any problems or feature requests can be sent to me on discord: blaku#6269