Rank Grapher

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Author: OceanOinker
First Uploaded: 10/10/2022
Last Updated: 10/17/2022
 Views: 8536
 Downloads: 4697
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Displays a graph of rank progression. Can display all games or session games. Displays under scoreboard and/or after game.


Rank Grapher


This plugin displays a graph of your rank progression after games and below the scoreboard. There is an option to display games from your current session, or all games. MMR data is stored every game in a csv file, which is then used to create the graph.

Developed by Adam G

Have suggestions/comments? Message me on discord: OceanOinker#2600


by selecting the checkbox next to the following settings, it will appear in that place.

  • Display overlay under scoreboard
  • Display overlay after game
  • Enable custom smoothness
  • Smoothness value: input for custom smoothness value. A higher value means more smoothing
  • Change line color: a color selector widget to change line color


Make sure the plugin is enabled by going to plugins->plugin manager(beta) and selecting Rank Grapher. By default the plugin will show the graph under the scoreboard and after the game is finished