Instant Goal Plugin

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Author: FreshD
First Uploaded: 10/24/2022
Last Updated: 11/08/2022
 Views: 5050
 Downloads: 1970
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Score the ball in freeplay by pressing one button.


BakkesMod Instant Goal Plugin

This plugin allows you to instantly shoot the ball into the goal in freeplay by the press of one button.
Have you ever hit a really nice shot in freeplay or a successfully executed a new mechanic but you barely missed the goal and you dont get a replay of your shot because of that?
Now you can use this plugin to instatly score the ball if you are in this situatuion. The plugin allows you to rewatch your shot.

How to use the plugin?

After loading the plugin, open the bakkesmod menu (F2) and go to the plugins tab. Then click on InstantGoalPlugin
Now you should see the following GUI:


Here you can enable/disable the plugin and select a keybind. If the plugin is enabled you can use it in freeplay. By pressing the keybind you selected, you can instatly score the ball.