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Author: SoulDaMeep
First Uploaded: 02/19/2023
Last Updated: 04/09/2023
 Views: 21396
 Downloads: 20334
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Displays the platform of every player in a game


Open up the scoreboard during a game and see the platform of every player in the current game. Your curiosity will be fulfilled, you will be able to see whether someone is on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Switch! You will be sure to know who you are up against!


Images gathered by Swan

Images, Banner, and funding by Mrkz

Image implementation by Rivques

Big thanks to the names above, this plugin would not have been possible without them!

Issues that we know of:

  1. When players leave, the entire display can get messed up or "shifted". As of right now, this is not something we can fix.

  2. At the start of the game or when players have the same score, the display will not show the platforms in correct order corresponding to each user on the leaderboard, this is because we dont quite know how the leader board sorts the players. It will get accurate once players start getting points/score. Once we understand how the leaderboard sorts players, this will definetly be fixed.