Spectator Replay Skip

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Author: datf
First Uploaded: 02/27/2023
Last Updated: 03/16/2023
 Views: 2116
 Downloads: 665
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Skip replays only when spectating a match


Do you find it annoying having to skip replays when you are a spectator in a private match?

Me too, But not anymore!

No configuration options. Just skip replays automatically when you are spectating.

All other replays will still work, so you can continue to force your opponents to watch your amazing bronze-level plays.

This plugin comes with:

  • No bugs. Just skipping spectator replays.
  • No more features, only skipping spectator replays.
  • No guarantees of any kind other than skipping spectator replays.
  • No hassle. Install it and start skipping spectator replays.

And you can have all of this absolutely free of charge!

Download your free copy today! Or don't... I just wanted to skip spectator replays myself.