Training Pack Variance Manager

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Author: Gefen
First Uploaded: 06/04/2023
Last Updated: 11/02/2023
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 Downloads: 2020

The Custom Training Pack Variance mode provides a convenient way to quickly change the variance for each training pack in Rocket League


Mode Name: Custom Training Pack Variance

UPDATE: Fixed several bugs when configs file would be emptied and some consistency issues for loading configs per pack. Built in configs are updated up to Kevpert's Dodge Control 2 F3

Description: The Custom Training Pack Variance mode provides a convenient way to quickly change the variance for each training pack in Rocket League. Instead of setting multiple key bindings per variance, this mode allows you to define custom variances for different training packs and easily switch between them.

Why it's useful:

  • Quick Variance Adjustment: With Custom Training Pack Variance, you can swiftly modify the variance settings for each training pack. This flexibility enables you to fine-tune the difficulty, randomness, or specific parameters of individual packs without the need for complex configurations.

How to use:

  1. Open Config File Directory: Click the "Open CFG Directory" button in the mode's settings panel. This will open the directory where the configuration file is located.

  2. Edit the Config File: Open the configuration file using a text editor. Each line in the file represents a training pack and its associated variance settings. Follow the format: ";;...". Add or modify the lines according to your desired variances for each training pack, and save the changes.

Note: The config file comes pre-configured with Kevpert training packs codes and matching variance settings, providing a starting point for customization.

  1. Reload the Config File: After editing the configuration file, click the "Reload File" button in the mode's settings panel. This will load the updated variance settings from the config file.

  2. Enable Custom Training Variance: Open the "Custom Training" tab in Rocket League and manually enable the "Custom Training Pack Variance" option. This will activate the mode and allow you to benefit from the custom variance settings.

Note: The Custom Training Pack Variance mode enhances your training experience and does not affect competitive play or official game modes. It provides a convenient way to adjust variances per training pack for personalized training sessions.

For any questions, suggestions, or support, feel free to reach out to me on TheGefen#8975.

Enjoy your customized training sessions with ease using Custom Training Pack Variance!

Out of the box supported training packs: GroundFlipReset 2 F11 555F-7503-BBB9-E1E3 Dodge Control 1 F7 2C44-12C9-F864-CF3B Striking 1 F7 1711-49F1-66CB-FC65 Striking 2 F7 097C-9818-637B-7B55 Redirects F7 5E3A-FC4A-3AD7-0BBD GroundFlipReset 1 F3AFE5-53FD-EC5B-9352 Adv Double Taps F10 3115-DC26-525D-F409 Adv Double Taps 2 F7 DEC7-4CAD-1452-30D3 Catches ground 1 F7 FC42-A3E1-A202-884A PowerSlide F11 ADEB-B89D-7EC3-E7FA Rebounds F12 9379-E2D6-673B-FFF3 Low Rebounds F11 950B-490B-649A-FBDE Dodge Control 2 F3 0624-600D-000E-F2A7