Looking For Mates (LFM)

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Author: Vync_
First Uploaded: 07/29/2023
Last Updated: 09/02/2023
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 Downloads: 483048
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A plugin to find people to play with easily and quickly


Looking For Mates (LFM) is a plugin to find people to play with quickly and easily (Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg89G_Zx_4o).

LFM Plugin


  • Launch Rocket League
  • Click on Install With Bakkesmod (blue button right above). The plugin is installed once it says "success : 1"
  • Open bakkesmod in-game, go in Plugins->Plugin manager, click on Open pluginmanager and check LFM to load the plugin
  • Now LFM should appear on the plugins list on the left, click on it
  • There you can open the plugin by clicking on Open Plugin Window, or you can assign a key bind by entering the wanted key in the field and by clicking on Set Bind

How to use


You can refresh by clicking on the circle arrow, every person who are registered will be displayed. Choose someone you are interested in and double click to request an invite to join his group. You can search with keywords, apply filters to find the exact mate you need.


LFM Create

If you want to be visible on the plugin, click on Create, here you just need to provide a title and at least one playlist.

For the playlists, you can provide a Range, it's the range of mmr where the people can see you on the plugin. It means that if you have 1200 mmr in 2v2 and you enter a range of 50 for the 2v2 playlist, only people with a 2v2 mmr between 1150 and 1250 will see you on the plugin (in other words : your mmr - range < people mmr < your mmr + range). If you don't want to provide a range just let it to 0.

The playlist Other can be used for anything else, for example if you search for private matches, scrims, limited time game modes, multiplayer workshop maps, trading items, etc...

You can select if you want to have VoiceChat ON, VoiceChat OFF or VoiceChat ON/OFF if it doesn't matter.

Regions and languages are optionnal, if you don't select any regions/languages it means all the regions/languages are fine.

You can create/save Presets and load them for a future use.

Additional informations

If when you refresh (circle arrow button) nothing appears, it simply means that there are nobody registered on the plugin. Hopefully, more people will use it the future so the plugin will be even more interesting.

Know Issues

  • It seems like the plugin doesn't automatically load when you start the game, no need to reinstall it, just check it again in the Plugin Manager for now unitll it's fixed, .

  • If you use a bakkesmod theme other than visibility.json or thename.json, the UI of the plugin will be ugly but it will not affect the features of the plugin.

Report Issues/Suggestions

Help me improve the plugin !

Any feedback is appreciated. If you had any issues or if you have suggestions, feel free to complete this form : https://forms.gle/GoVrk9Rxv1w3uqu97.